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In April of 2014 several of us were at work having our usual “water cooler” discussion about fishing.  The question was posed “what tournaments do you plan on fishing this summer?” Our discussion proceeded as normal with the group, all amateur anglers, listing each of the “big tournaments” that Toledo Bend Lake would be a host to over the next few months. One common theme among the tournaments was that they did really good work.  By good work, I am not just talking about how great the prizes were, because they do give some really great prizes, and how well, or not so well in a few of our cases, the fish usually bite around the time of each tournament but the fact that every tournament that we participated in were tournaments that greatly aided a need for non-profit organizations. The good work, hard work, tiring work that each of these tournaments put in was, to say the least in our eyes, an inspiration. What a wonderful idea that these brilliant minds had developed. Let people do what they love to do, which is fish, and then in turn their fishing helps others.

How can we do good like the other folks that are putting on these wonderful fishing events? This was the question that we needed to answer but how can we have a tournament that would allow each of us to be involved with?  We work shift work so we are never off on the same weekends together so that we can all help with a tournament.  We all have children who play baseball, softball, have dance recitals on our weekends that we are off as well.  How do we have a tournament set up to where each of us can help to do good?  There has to be a way. What if we MAKE IT LAST ALL SUMMER!!!!!

So the idea was born and here we are at BassCashBash growing that idea into, what we hope is a tournament that others will say that tournament is doing good work. If you have an organization we can help please take a moment to submit that information using the form below. Also, take a moment to thank our team for helping put all of this together.

Our Bass Cash Bash Team:

P.D. Vinson - Founder                                
(337) 353-3381                                                                                                                

Tournament Committee         
Pat Gorsolowsky
Nobel McGee
Anthony Dallas

Worthy Causes Committee
Deanna Vinson
Sonja Tucker
Danyelle McDade

Website Design and Hosting
Curtis McBroom
(337) 990-1094

Worthy Causes

In our four years, we were able to raise enough funds to allow us to donate over $65,000 to deserving non-profit groups who we believe do great work for others.  Anyone wishing to submit a non-profit organization to be considered for one of our “Worthy Causes” donations need only complete the form below.  We have a committee that will research each entry and make a decision as to which groups will benefit from this year’s donations. 

We hope that our event becomes a successful one. We also hope that each year, with our participants and wonderful sponsors help, our tournament will grow thus allowing our worthy causes recipients to receive better benefits from it as well.

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