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Q: What if a participant catches a Blue BassCashBash Tag From 2015 or a Red 2016 Tag?

A: Costa and Falcon Rods has agreed to present the first TEN registered participants who catch a Tag from 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018  with a Costa Sunglasses and Falcon Rods Prize Pack.

Q: How/when will the polygraph test be administered if I submit a prize winning fish?

A: Once you have submitted a qualifying fish at an official weigh in location. You will be contacted by a BassCashBash tournament representative and it will be determined the nearest polygraphist for your convenience.  BassCashBash will contact and submit payment to said polygraphist for the test to be administered and you will complete the polygraph at your convenience but must be completed before Your prize will be adminstered.

Q: What happens if someone fails the polygraph exam.

A: Anyone who does not successfully complete his/her polygraph test will be disqualified from this year’s event as well as be banned from any BassCashBash event in the future.

Q: If I win how and when will I be paid?

A: Once you have successfully completed your polygraph a BassCashBash Representative will meet you at your convenience and present you with your winnings. 

Q: Do I have to have my BassCashBash tournament shirt with me when I present the Prize fish to collect the $500 bonus.

A: No. As long as the box on your registration form confirms that you purchased the Bonus Entry with T-shirt you will be eligible for the $500 bonus.